Field Day 2017

Field Day will be June 24 & 25.  This year, Hamilton County and Boone County will join forces for a joint Field Day.  We will operate out of Cap Erbe Park in Boone.  At our club meeting on June 13th, we decided we will operate class 2A and QRP.  We will see how it works.  On Saturday morning, set up will start at 11:00 AM.  Operating will begin at 1:00 PM.

Cap Erbe Park is at the end of SE Linn Street. To get there, go south on Cedar Street from Mamie Eisenhower Avenue and turn left on SE Linn Street, which is at the end of Cedar Street (at the entrance to the golf course). Cedar Street is several blocks east of Story and Benton Streets, in the east part town.  

Call or email W0FS (Hamilton County EC & BARK President) for more information: (515) 838-2285 and


Field Day 2016

We had a good field day this year.  W0FS, Clay, worked qrp on CW on 40 and 15 meters.  KB0MPL, Margot, attempted to work digital.  N0PSF, Juan, and W0FW, Shawn, worked 20 meter SSB at 100 W.  Juan’s and Shawn’s stations were generator powered while Clay’s station, which Margot used, was battery powered with a car battery charged by solar power.  We had several visitors, including WB0VLX, Duane, and KF0MI, Bob.  The site was at the Band Shelter at West Twin Park in Webster City, Iowa.

Field Day 2016

On June 25th & 26th, we will have field day at West Twin Park in Webster City.  We have reserved the band shelter at the south west corner of the park for that Saturday and Sunday.  Friday, at 6:30 PM, we will be meeting there to finalize plans and inspect the site, as well as to eat a meal together.  You are welcome to come.  Setup will be at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning and we will operate all day, on into the night, and Sunday morning.  Come, operate, and be part of amateur radio.